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“One can be fairly sure that one who destroys marriage destroys the civilization.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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    “I recently met someone that I would really like to share my life with, but I was afraid to commit myself to anything.

    “We both did the course to prepare for marriage and I realized that the only reason my earlier marriage had fallen apart was because neither I nor my ex-husband had a clue as to what communication really is, or what it really means to love someone and share your life with them.

    “I have no doubts about this marriage being a success, because this time I know what I’m doing and have the knowledge to back me up.”


    “In 1983, after my first marriage collapsed, I took a course at the Church of Scientology on the subject of marriage.

    “Amazingly, I learned what a marriage is, how to put one together, and even how to find a person who was compatible.

    “Putting the information to use, I found a great person who had been present on the same floor where I worked, right under my nose for a year, but whom I had never noticed before. Young, beautiful, smart everything I ever wanted.

    “We got married a few months later, and have been happily married ever since 14 years now and very stably so.

    “In fact, in our 9th year, a man stopped us in a shopping center to say, ‘You two must be newlyweds!’ When we told him we’d been married for 9 years, he was dumfounded.

    “We told him, ‘That’s Scientology!’

    “Thanks to that course, I have been able to keep my marriage like new all these years and we’re still going strong.”

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