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“One can be fairly sure that one who destroys marriage destroys the civilization.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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    Wife: “After 20 years of marriage the mass of unspoken opinions, responses, disagreements, anger and hurt had built up to an unbearable level.

    “I was starting to think about getting a divorce but didn’t want to do it. I wondered if the Scientology Marriage Counseling might help. It was remarkable.

    “Our counselor, with his E-Meter, enabled my husband and I to communicate to each other the things that we hadn’t been able to bring up ourselves.

    “Once it started to pour out, the tremendous weight of the unspoken communication got less and less. The relief we both felt was profound and, when we were finished, I no longer felt that our marriage had to end in order to stop the pain.”

    Husband: “My wife and I had been married for 20 years when we started having trouble. We went through a period where we were both so busy that we didn’t see each other or communicate as much as we had before.

    “The strain I felt on our relationship caused me to start to withhold communication, which only made things worse.

    “The Scientology Marriage Counseling we did was the perfect handling. It totally cleaned up our relationship and got us into communication again.

    “With what we have learned from this counseling, there’s nothing the two of us can’t handle together.”

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