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Of 55 million marriages in the US, only a fraction are truly stable and happy.
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Make your marriage one of the truly happy and stable ones.

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  • If you want a happy marriage you need Scientology® technology.

    Making a marriage work isn’t easy.

    Perhaps no two words in our language have apparently fueled more hysteria, general hubbub and all-round pandemonium as these two — “I do.”

    And for certain, no two words have brought more hope and happiness.

    Yet at the root of all the commotion are secrets and dishonesty — undermining one of our most important institutions.

    That’s why, to forge a happy and lasting marriage, you need to know the underlying principles that govern any relationship.

    How to determine if you have the right marital partner. How to deal with the rough spots in a marriage. How to repair upsets before they blow up.

    Scientology can help anyone with that. Anyone who wants a happy marriage. A successful marriage. A stable marriage.

    Say for instance you’re not yet married, but thinking about it. Scientology can help you know for certain that you’re making the right choice.

    Or if you’re married and have run into trouble, Scientology can show you what it takes to solve the problems and make a successful marriage.

    If your marriage has become a test of quiet desperation, Scientology can show you how to get rid of the things that have driven you apart. The fact is it can help you restore the original love and affection you once had. Affinity that’s still there. But buried.

    And if your marriage is on the rocks, Scientology could mean the difference between moving to a higher plateau or moving out of the house. In the same time it takes to have another argument, you could learn how to get rid of the things causing bad feelings between you.

    Time is precious. Wouldn’t it be a shame to waste the time you have when real answers are readily available and easy to learn?

    That’s why if you’ve ever said the words “I do,” or if you ever plan to say them one day, you have a real need to know fundamental principles that govern marriage.

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