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Of 55 million marriages in the US, only a fraction are truly stable and happy.
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Make your marriage one of the truly happy and stable ones.
Make your marriage one of the truly happy and stable ones.

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  • Perhaps you have been led to believe that some marriages work and others don’t.

    That it’s luck, maybe. Or bad luck.

    Not necessarily true.

    There are ways - easy ways - to keep a marriage happy.

    Ways that have enabled thousands of people with serious marital difficulties to resolve their problems.

    Wouldn’t you like to know how to keep your marriage fresh and alive, like when you first met?

    We think so.

    Which brings us to a remarkable breakthrough on the subject of marriage that can help you untangle relationship riddles.

    The story began some time ago, in the early 1930s, when philosopher and author, L. Ron Hubbard, took on the subject of life itself to crack the basic problems people were having.

    By 1938, he had established a single principle that explained what all of life was doing, and why. And so pieces of a rather vast puzzle began to fall into place.

    His laboratory was the world at large - 21 different cultures and thousands of people whom he personally helped.

    His research included the human mind, and by 1950 he published a book on the subject that became a New York Times and international bestseller that has helped some 20 million people lead happier lives and revolutionized our understanding of the mind.

    But all that was just the start.

    This knowledge was in turn used to unearth principles that would explain all parts of life.

    Including how to keep a marriage happy.

    Before he was done, he’d produced tens of millions of words on the mind and life, given 3,000 lectures, written 16 New York Times bestsellers, and had become one of the twentieth century’s most influential authors with more than 160 million copies of his works in 63 languages and 153 nations.

    With all the pieces of the puzzle in place he indeed accomplished what he set out to do, and created a subject that was completely unique. New. Nothing like it anywhere. Or ever in history.

    He called it Scientology, which simply means “knowing how to know.”

    And now we’d like to show you how L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries can solve the problems in your marriage, or if you’re not yet married, how it can help you start a successful marriage and keep it going.

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