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“A husband and wife can utilize good, honest communication between themselves to create and continue a happy, fulfilling marriage.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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Scientology® Marriage Counseling

Scientology Marriage Counseling is revolutionary because it works.

It is the first and only approach based on axiomatic laws which work like the laws of physics. It is the most effective and powerful approach to marriage counseling ever known.

Scientology Marriage Counseling has helped thousands of couples with serious marital difficulties solve their problems and stay together.

Scientology is an actual precision technology that works invariably. Your results depend only upon you and your partner’s application of the data to your own life.


Scientology counseling is 100% confidential, protected by traditional priest-penitent privilege which no power on earth can violate.

No Evaluation

Scientology Marriage Counselors are different because they won’t tell you what is wrong with you, or tell you what to think.

Only where to look.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t find out answers. On the contrary, what you can find has the utmost value. The answers you get actually explain things and resolve problems conclusively.

No invalidation

Your Marriage Counselor will not make you feel guilty for any past misdeeds.

Life is not easy. People make mistakes.

Scientology can make you feel good about yourself again. It can restore trust and self-respect.

The E-Meter®
pastoral counseling device

The most noticeable thing about Scientology Marriage Counseling is the E-Meter, short for Electropsychometer, a remarkable instrument centuries ahead of its time, that registers thought.

More precisely, the meter registers mental image pictures - what you look at with your mind’s eye.

Think of a rain-swept street and you can see a picture of that in your mind. Or a Christmas morning. Or a birthday party.

Your mind is full of pictures. Each is made of actual mass and energy. And as they come and go, the body’s electrical resistance is changed by the addition or subtraction.

The E-Meter registers this change. And what that means for you is this: with an E-Meter, a trained Scientology Marriage Counselor can guide you unerringly to the exact difficulty causing the problem in your marriage, and - using a process to restore communication on that subject between the two partners - eliminate the source of the difficulty.

Thus, the root of marital difficulties can be located and eradicated. Result - the original feelings you had for one another can be restored.

After all, you did love each other once.

Romance can bloom again.


Part of honesty is discovering what is right about yourself.

You’re already aware of what is wrong.

Scientology can show you the parts of yourself that you have forgotten. Scientology is a road to self-discovery, and the full recovery of self-respect and pride.

Through honesty, you can rebuild what secrets have destroyed.


Problems began where communication ends.

Scientology can restore communication between estranged marital partners unlike anything else ever known.

Scientology contains the actual formula underlying all communication, and there’s a world of difference between real communication and mere talk.

Many people have said that until they found Scientology, they had never really been in communication with anyone. They had only talked at people, or been talked at.

Personality and IQ Testing

Sometimes incompatibility arises from a personality conflict. Scientology tests can reveal if that’s the cause of any difficulty, and show you the areas needing to be improved. And with all the tools of Scientology at your disposal, virtually any problem uncovered can be remedied.


There are gentle methods of helping others increase their ability to face their difficulties. This can bring about a far higher communication level and open up communication in a marriage.


Quarrels, fights and arguments can make life hell. But what causes them to occur? Through Scientology Marriage Counseling you can benefit from a method developed by L. Ron Hubbard to find the real cause of the fights - which is not either of you.

Quarrels that have wrangled on for years can cease like magic, with renewed understanding between marital partners.

This discovery alone could save your marriage. It is a breakthrough of magnitude to know the actual cause of conflict.

Your results

Your results will be as good as you and your partner apply Scientology to your problems.

If you want to revive the love between you, Scientology Marriage Counseling can provide what you’ve been looking for. And what your relationship has been dying for lack of.

We wouldn’t be writing this if Scientology hadn’t salvaged marriages time after time after time.

It can salvage yours.

Enroll on course

Enroll on course

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