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“A husband and a wife can utilize good, honest communication between themselves to create and continue a happy, fulfilling marriage.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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    Strengthening a Successful Marriage Course

    After a few years the bloom can go out of a marriage and it settles into boredom - or worse, a “cold war” of unexpressed resentment and criticism. Has this happened to your marriage?

    If so, you should know there is an exact, workable way for you to maintain and even increase the love, respect and communication year after year.

    A marriage that continues to be a stable and secure basis of happiness for both partners is not the result of luck or blind hope.

    The purpose of this course is to give you the fundamental understandings and know-how you need to preserve and maintain a successful marriage.

    Here you’ll learn information so useful you’ll wish you’d had it before you got married.

    This course includes vital knowledge on what makes a marriage and a family successful, how to make a relationship last, how to maintain and improve communication in marriage, how to repair communication when needed, how to solve past upsets, and how to create and achieve goals together.

    You’ll also learn the three components of understanding - vital for the establishment of an even stronger relationship with your spouse.

    Practical demonstrations and applications can help you make your marriage the firm foundation of a happier life.

    Keep a happy marriage

    Have open communication between you and your spouse

    Understand what it takes to make a successful marriage

    Be aware of things that ruin a marriage and how to prevent them.

    The course takes approximately 5 mornings, afternoons or evenings, and can be done anytime throughout the week or on weekends.

    Enroll on course

    Enroll on course

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