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“A husband and a wife can utilize good, honest communication between themselves to create and continue a happy, fulfilling marriage.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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    Starting a Successful Marriage Course

    Luck is a terrible match maker.

    Fate is even worse.

    That’s why if you’re not currently married but want to be, this course is a must.

    What is marriage really all about?

    Who is the right person for you?

    Why do so many marriages fail?

    Marriage is a big step in life. It should represent the beginning of a bright future for a couple. Unfortunately, in our society today marriage quite often begins a tumultuous time period of broken dreams and heartache.

    It does not have to be that way.

    There is knowledge on how to choose a correct partner and how to ensure that those dreams of what you want in a marriage are fulfilled. On this course you will be given the tools to start a successful marriage.

    Take the time you normally spend worrying about being single, and put it to use in actually solving the problem for real.

    This course can help you prepare for and create a happy marriage, one with honesty, trust and open communication - one that will last.

    Here you can gain a secure knowledge of what makes a happy marriage and family, how to choose a partner who is right for you, how to correctly predict another’s attitudes and behavior toward sex and children, how to increase love and respect, and more.

    Practical exercises and drills make it easy to apply this knowledge in your life.

    Have a stable and successful family life that’s full of love

    Be able to determine the right marital partner

    Keep your marriage fresh and alive, like when you first met

    Have certainty that you can create a successful marriage

    It’s the best investment you’ll ever make. An investment in your own future happiness and fulfillment.

    The course takes approximately 5 mornings, afternoons or evenings, and can be done anytime throughout the week or on weekends.

    Enroll on course

    Enroll on course

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