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“A husband and a wife can utilize good, honest communication between themselves to create and continue a happy, fulfilling marriage.”

L. Ron Hubbard

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    How to Improve Your Marriage Course

    What do you do when a marriage is breaking apart?

    Is there any way to restore communication, trust and happiness, or is it hopeless?

    Spiraling divorce rates and the increasing number of single parents show that for many, the only answer was to end it.

    They lacked the knowledge and technology to improve their marriage.

    In fact, if you spent as much time on this course as you spend in a week agonizing over your marriage, you wouldn’t have those problems very long.

    Take this course to restore to your marriage the happiness with which it began. It can be done.

    Real communication, mutual trust, honesty and openness in the relationship - these are factually attainable with the knowledge and skill you gain on this course.

    Here you can find the basics of successful marriage and the way to resolve past upsets, increase understanding, and create goals together.

    You can gain the ability to:

  • Deal with the rough spots in a marriage

  • Repair upsets before they blow up

  • Communicate to solve problems in a marriage

  • Resolve marital conflicts

    A happier life with your spouse is within your reach. The course takes approximately 5 mornings, afternoons or evenings, and can be done anytime throughout the week or on weekends.

    Enroll on course

  • Enroll on course

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