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Of 55 million marriages in the US, only a fraction are truly stable and happy.
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Make your marriage one of the truly happy and stable ones.
Make your marriage one of the truly happy and stable ones.

  • Why Scientology Marriage counseling?

  • How does it work?

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  • Marriage Counseling so powerful it’s revolutionary.

    Many couples in trouble go to marriage counselors but oftentimes the methods used are indefinite.

    Scientology Marriage Counseling is revolutionary because it’s based on the fundamental principles of life and is the first and only approach that uses exact technology proven in marriage after marriage.


    Scientology Marriage Counseling is the most effective approach to marital counseling ever known.

    It has helped thousands of couples with serious marital difficulties solve their problems and stay together.

    It is also different in that it doesn’t require you to believe anything or to accept something on faith.

    It’s a precision technology that works invariably. Like the rising of the sun, the dawn comes whether you believe it will or not. Whether you hope it will or not.

    Scientology always works when it is applied standardly.


    Problems began where communication ends.

    Scientology can restore communication between estranged marital partners unlike anything ever known.

    Scientology contains the actual formula underlying all communication, and there’s a world of difference between real communication and mere talk.

    Real communication is highly gratifying. Many people have said that until they found Scientology, they had never really been in communication with anyone.


    Part of honesty is discovering what is right about yourself.

    You are already aware of what is wrong. And the last thing you need is someone telling you what you already know.

    Instead, Scientology can show you parts of yourself that you have forgotten. No matter who you are, there are things about yourself that are golden.

    Scientology is a road to self-discovery, and the full recovery of self-respect and pride. You become a friend to your spouse and in the process, a friend to yourself.

    In short, when you understand the principles that govern life, you can fix any part of it and put things right.

    And if that’s not revolutionary, nothing is.

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